Shani or Bwanji from Zambia! (Hello!)

May 19, 2017

Rahsaan, Kathy and Kristina leaving for Zambia, Africa from JFK, New York!
Alice and Douglas from World Vision Zambia

Well folks, we made it! Our journey went really well and not without some interesting shenanigans along the way. Alice and Douglas, our World Vision friends and much appreciated dependents in Zambia warmly welcomed us. Immediately we all became very good friends with lots of laughs and our first adventure, being locked out of our awesome Land Cruiser! But not to worry, Rahsaan, Douglas and a few willing taxi drivers with their most excellent ingenuity and smarts, and thanks to available airport fencing and other found objects, opened the truck!

Yeah! Wari arrives from Barcelona!

Soon our most excellent filmmaker and photographer arrived, just in time to head out to meet the community and location. As we arrived we were again warmly welcomed with hugs and many thanks for our coming to work with the children. For me personally it was very much a sigh of relief to see that indeed this was going to be an excellent workshop, because of the location and people who very much wanted us there! Words can not describe how beautiful our first day was!

Stay tuned as I share today, gathering art supplies and seeing Lusaka, when you all wake up tomorrow! 

2 thoughts on “Landing in Zambia!

    1. Thank you Kathy! We hope you will continue to follow us in the coming days. We promise one adventurous reading!


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