Saturday, May 20: Gathering Workshop Supplies & Visiting Historic Landmark

Douglas, our World Vision program driver helped us gather the material we needed for Kids Share Workshops. The process of choosing the right primary, latex house paint was carefully selected by Kathy using a swatch. Her experience as a colorist was very much appreciated. From these gallons of paint, we are able to make every color of the rainbow for the kids. Rahsaan also assisted in gathering items from the list and actually reported that he found it fun. Perhaps a bit of a scavenger hunt? It was enjoyable to watch Wari perch himself high above on a ladder while filming and ride the front of the shopping cart.

The basic material we need to teach is fairly easy to find in most countries. There have been workshops where our team had to drive around for half the day to find what we needed. We managed to get 90% of our workshop material at the Game store. We are grateful to Douglas for getting the job done very quickly!

Sunday, Day 3: Cathedral of the Holy Cross (Historic  Landmark)

Wari had expressed interest in filming a church in or near Lusaka or out near the community we are teaching at. Because of convenience and our program driver needing to be with his family today, Kathy did some research. She found an historic church only a few blocks away from our hotel. Our team agreed to walk over for a 10am Alternative Service to meet Bishop: The Rt. Rev. David Njovu, and experience a big part of Zambia culture, Christianity. We all wanted to see what a typical church service looked like in Zambia. Our reception was very warm and the gospel choir was soulful! Bishop Njovu passionately shared his cathedral and its history with us. He told us that it was created to help in the establishment of Lusaka, and is now a historic landmark.

When Kids Share Workshops investigates a culture, we are open to reporting on all aspects of a culture. The children we are about to teach in the following two weeks, find much solace and comfort in Christianity. So we felt it was important to learn more and share it with all of you.

Wish us luck as we teach the first day of our workshop tomorrow, May 22nd! 

Sendamenipo umutende!

(Bemba) Good night!

Rahsaan, Kathy, Bishop The Rt. Rev. David Njovu and Kristina




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