Photograph by: Wari Om Yoga Photography

Please enjoy our return trip to Zambia on Sept. 13, 2017, through this narrative photo slide show, and read more below about our very successful, first Kids Share Workshops with World Vision Zambia!



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Starting with our first day at the Bimbe Primary School; where the students and their families, Home of Hope young women, World Vision Zambia staff and community leaders from other World Vision area development locations joined us for our final Kids Share/World Vision Zambia Celebration!

The community that gathered sang songs of empowerment, their faith in Christianity and community, the Zambia National Anthem, short skits about girl empowerment and speeches by community leaders, showing appreciation for World Vision’s International Programs Group and Kids Share Workshops and Publishing.

First published book they will own. Photograph by: Wari Om Yoga Photography

The Kids Share Zambia Workshop was an exceptional workshop, because of the incredible team work and compassion from both cultures and their leaders. We delivered all the way from the USA; the professional published Kids Share Zambia Books, presented the two (2) professional, co-created community illustrations and presented a surprise performance by Sophie Beem, Beyonce’s protegee through Parkwoods Entertainment!

Rahsaan congratulates the students as they accept their book. Photograph by: Wari Om Yoga Photography

Additionally, Rahsaan Graham, Sr. Director, Private Funding, Child Development and Protection with World Vision International Programs Group (U.S.A) and Kristina Applegate, Founder of Kids Share Workshops and Publishing, Inc. (U.S.A), spoke to the community and thanked them for supporting the workshop’s successful participation and completion. 

*All Photographs and videos on this website are by, Wari Om, accompanied by (amateur) short videos and photographs of founder, Kristina Applegate. Please stay tuned, as our professional filmmaker, Wari Om is working on the FIRST EVER, Kids Share Zambia Film!

We made it back to Zambia with Rogers backpack! Photograph by: Wari Om Yoga Photography

**A trailer will be released sometime in early 2018.


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