In The Field-Filmmaker & Photographer

Wari Om

Yoga Photographer & Filmmaker, travels around the world sharing and expanding the light of Yoga.

Wari will be leaving his home in Barcelona on May 18 to meet the Kids Share Workshops team in Lusaka, Zambia. Wari will be on the first and second trip to Zambia filming and taking photographs. Wari, will be completing the project for the Kids Share Zambia film and trailer in Chongwe, Kapuluwe area development program. He will also provide rich photographs for the Kids Share Zambia book. Here are two film examples of Wari’s outstanding work: BHAKTI PILGRIMAGE North India and Mantra – Sounds into Silence | First Trailer About Wari Om

Kathy Chattoraj

Artist, Owner Operator Future Picassos.

Kathy is a professional painter and an inspiring Greenwich, Connecticut Mom. Using her passion for painting and her knowledge of the developmental benefits of introducing art to children, including motor skills, language development, and decision making, Kathy established a number of programs in numerous schools across Fairfield County.

In 2015 Kathy assisted in the Kids Share Newtown Totems workshop in Newtown, Connecticut. In 2016 Kathy was chosen by Kids Share Workshops to join the team in Zambia . She will be leading and assisting with; the Abstract Portraits, Paper Art Animal Illustrations, team Canvas Murals and Professionally Illustrate one of the co-created, paper art illustrations. She will also be assisting in the after school activity, The Journey Home. Kathy’s work with the children will be published in the Kids Share Zambia book.

In the Creative Studio-Publishing

Kris Shonk Pfeifer

Graphic Design Professional at Pfeifer Design

In the Kids Share Newtown Workshop (2013), we were fortunate to have Kris volunteer and give her excellent book making skills. Her vision for taking children’s content and turning it into a rich children’ book is outstanding! Kris has been hired by Kids Share Workshops to create a Kids Share Zambia book. She will be the editor, designer and art director.

After the first trip in May, Kris will be working with; Wari Om’s rich photographs, Kristina and Kathy’s co-created illustrations, editing the children’s stories, handling the art direction and design for the new book, and taking it all the way to publishing. Kristina and Kris were childhood friends and reconnected through Kids Share Workshops.

In the Field-Program Directors

Rahsaan J. Graham and Kristina Applegate

Pictured: (left to right) Rahsaan J. Graham, Sr. Director, Private Funding, Child Development and Protection with World Vision International Programs Group, Wari Om, Filmmaker/Photographer, Kristina Applegate, Kids Share founding board member and Executive Director, Leo and Phoebe, Kristina’s children and William Tapley, Kristina’s husband.

Rahsaan and Kristina will be assisting the team in the first Kids Share Workshops with World Vision in Zambia, Africa. In 2015 Kristina and Rahsaan started their plan in New York City to bring Kids Share Workshops into World Vision. It took almost two years of planning to figure out the best country to start Kids Share Workshops. After much consideration, Zambia became the perfect fit! The best part was the friendship which developed, and now be taking them to Africa on their first journey together!


Sophie Beem


Sophie is an American singer and songwriter from New York City. Born and raised in Manhattan‘s Upper East Side, she releases music under Parkwood Entertainment after being signed by Beyoncé in 2016. Beem auditioned for The X Factor US in 2012, where she performed for judges Britney SpearsDemi LovatoSimon Cowell and L.A. Reid.

Sophie accompanied Kids Share Workshops Zambia as a youth ambassador volunteer. She assisted with Kids Share during its return trip celebration, handing out books and sharing with the students and community leaders. Sophie performed to the community her new hit single GLOW and created a music video with Kids Share’s team and filmmaker, Wari Om. She also visited along with Kids Share to other locations, learning more about youth and community development programs in Zambia.


Phoebe Lutes

Student/Daughter of Kristina Applegate

Phoebe is 15 years of age. When she was eight she traveled with her mother’s program to participate in Kids Share Guatemala. She was very excited to return with her mother and her good friend Sophie, to experience how Kids Share has grown since she was a younger child. Phoebe volunteered in the day celebration, by handing out books, interacting with her Zambian counter parts, assisting with the GLOW video and traveling to the Lower Zambezi to learn more about Zambian life.

Phoebe is an outstanding student, with strong discipline and interested in world studies. She has also expressed interest continuing to volunteer with Kids Share Workshops after high school. Currently, Phoebe is living in London, England with her mother as a home schooled 10th grader.