First published book they will own. Photograph by: Wari Om Yoga Photography

We successfully completed our first Kids Share Zambia workshop together which included; building a book, mural development, art therapy, The Journey Home: exploration and sharing of cultures and documentary film. We are very proud of the work the children created with our team in Zambia. The result was a beautifully published book that the children and their community leaders could take home and cherish for their rest of their lives! 

“One child has the potential to empower and positively change their community, country and the world!”

Our goal is to empower children with immersive, experiential, and multi-sensory creative arts with positive memories of our time together. Kids Share strives to provide a safe environment where kids can be kids. Through fun storytelling and co-created illustrations, they are able to freely express themselves in an environment where they are listened to, validated, and understood through a book making workshop.