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In 2017 we successfully completed our Kids Share Zambia Workshop!  The workshop included; building a book, mural development, art therapy, The Journey Home: exploration and sharing of cultures and documentary film. 

The Kids Share Zambia book was made for the child and community who created the book with  us.

Follow the journey of school children living in rural Zambia, with Kids Share Workshops. Learn about their dreams for a better future, and how they travel far for an education and for their families who struggle to give them everything they can. And the girls and young women who safely want to grow into strong women and choose their own future. I am Zambian, Who Am I?

Title: Kids Share Zambia: I Am Zambian-Who Am I? Authored by the Children and teens at the Bimbe Primary School and Home of Hope. 

In developing countries, an education is not a given right, but a privilege for those who can afford it. In these cases families are selling what little they have to keep their children in school and often can’t continue their education. In addition, children have a lot of chores in the early morning hours, walk far distances to school, are often hungry and worry about drought. By night, children try to study and read by candle light because electricity is too expensive. Yet astonishingly, they often give the biggest smiles with warm hearts. Through native songs and dance, children find solace in a very challenging childhood…