Kids Share Workshops embarks on another exciting adventure on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, in the rural village community of Chongwe. The documentary film and Trailer show children going to school at the Bimbe Primary School, a public school funded by the support of non-profit organizations, such as USAID and World Vision. Many of the children, staff and head teacher at this school that were filmed can also be seen in other films by organizations that have visited and helped this special school.

Thanks to the Chiawa Cultural Village for giving us a private, Goba Cultural Ceremony to film, through the African Wildlife Foundation and the Tsika Development Company and Kiambi Lodge Safari’s, our personal wildlife boat driver at the Lower Zambezi. We were given permission to film children, their tribal communities, wildlife and river life.

We also worked with young women in the Home of Hope, a safe house for young women. We did not show their faces or use their real names. We also filmed church choirs and very talented street acrobats. Zambia life and its people is truly beautiful and we hope this film shares the love and spirit of this country!

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Wari Om is an accomplished photographer and filmmaker, who travels the world capturing breathtaking images. His main focus is the art of Yoga and how it positively impacts lives.

This is his first movie and trailer, with Kids Share Workshops. The film Kids Share Zambia is Kids Shares first film and journey to the continent of  Africa.

Wari Om filming with the help of Rahsaan Graham and our driver, Douglas Dube.