Founder, Kristina, Head Teacher, Brian and Bimbe Primary School Children

The Journey Home, experience gave us a window into the life of a child walking to and from the Bimbe Primary School. We also witness other children living in the villages, who were not in school because their parents could not afford the education or they were too young. It was as though we were the Piped Piper, but with a positive mission. Large groups of children began following us on our journey, who were not part of our workshop. The clothing on some of these younger children were nearly falling off them, their shoes were filled with the dusty clay textured soil, which also was present in their hair and bodies. These children seemed very resilient to us. We were impressed with the big smiles and curiosity.

As we journeyed down the road, dropping off each child to his/her home, we were warmly greeted by the village leaders. Often from a distance, adults who were working would cheer and wave to us. We witnessed women taking large containers and a drum of water from the one water spout. The women had to roll one of the drums back to their village.

Please keep following us as we continue our journey with Kids Share Workshops in Zambia!

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*Photos taken by: Founder, Kristina Applegate and Program Assistant Director, Kathy Chattoraj.